I am an art enthusiast who is inspired by many forms of art;  traditional masterpieces, ikibana, floral design, botanical gardens,  bonsai to photography.  

My background is floral design with 30+ years designing and creating flower arrangements for weddings, for special events, and for everyday enjoyment.  So it makes sense that my main source of inspiration for my artwork is floral.   Flowers and plants have been a constant part of my life that brings me much joy and excitement.  I am mesmerized by their colors, textures, shapes, and perfection that nature has gifted our world.

I wanted my artwork to convey and evoke that same joy and excitement by using vivid colors, meandering lines, unexpected contrasts, and familiar shapes.  The vision for my artwork when I begin comes from floral arrangements, plants and flowers from a garden, color combinations, and the scale of the canvas.   Most of the time the ideas evolve as I experiment with color and contrast.  I believe my paintings will brighten your space and uplift your mood.

Thank you for your interest in my work.